Built On Trust | Since 1984


Built On Trust | Since 1984

Built on Trust | Since 1984

Saloomey Construction Inc.

Saloomey Construction has earned its success and reputation in both residential and commercial sectors with the significant contributions of the sub-contractors and architects that have been working with us over the past 40 years.
Saloomey Construction, North Commons, Custom Commercial Building


Ziter Saloomey

Founder and President Emeritus/Consultant, Ziter Saloomey had a goal as a young man to own his own business and after working in construction for 18 years, he accomplished that goal in 1980, incorporating in 1984 as Saloomey Construction, Inc.

Over the past 35 years, Saloomey Construction, Inc. has specialized in commercial building, large scale housing projects including luxury homes and condos, affordable housing, historical renovations, and medical facilities.

Throughout his years in business, Ziter has brought his acquired wisdom and experience to every project, has maintained his commitment to quality building and to serving his customers.

Our Future

Michael O’Brien

Michael O’Brien, the President, has been with Saloomey Construction, Inc. for 25 years. He has learned the business hands-on, progressing from a crew member to the manager of the concrete company and into the management of major construction projects.

Michael is assuming a greater role in the running of Saloomey Construction, Inc. and recognizing the need for efficiency and speed of project delivery, is leading the effort to modernize the business by introducing new technology both in construction and in the back office.

Every Saloomey project is built to earn your trust so that we can continue the relationships we have developed over the past 40 years.

We are confident that our years of experience will serve the future needs of our customers.


We at Atlantic Capital Investors have been doing business with Saloomey Construction for 21 years.  Without question, they are the best contractor that we have ever worked with.  Ziter has created a great team and has done some truly amazing projects.  Ours have involved the renovation of historic industrial buildings into Class-A medical office buildings…Continue Reading→
Mark Benoit

Atlantic Capital Investors

I first met Ziter and Saloomey Construction as a lender’s inspector. I was very impressed with the quality of their craftsmanship and the integrity and fairness of Ziter’s business model.  While monitoring several projects, I had always hoped that one day I’d be able to work with SCI on one of my own projects…Continue Reading→
Darrell Aldrich

Davis Square Architects

It has been such a pleasure with working with the whole team at Saloomey Construction over the last 10 years.  Ziter and crew go above and beyond to accommodate the wants and needs of their customers.   From the quality of the product they produce and attention to detail to complete customer satisfaction, I am always proud to say I have been a part of that process…Continue Reading→
Lisa Oleksak-Sullivan

Realtor, Isabella Gardens

Our Reputation

40 Years of Experience

The great reputation and success of Saloomey Construction can be attributed to the incredible group of sub-contractors and architects that Saloomey has been working with over the years in both residential and commercial sectors.

Saloomey Construction also has significant experience in the planning and construction of age restricted housing. As the general contractor and co-developer of three local facilities, including: The Gardens of Wilbraham, Isabelle Gardens (Westfield) and Bear Hill Estates (Northampton,)

Our Work

Gardens of Wilbraham

Wilbraham, MA

Isabelle Gardens

Westfield, MA

Currently Completing

Over $8 Million
Grow Facility in Douglas, MA.
Over $650K
Medical Group Home Residence in Southwick, MA.
Over $550K
CDI, Inc. MRI Facilities, Springfield, MA.
Over $450K
2 Weeks’ Notice Brewery, West Springfield, MA.
Over $12 ½ Million
Northampton Lumber Apartments.
Over $5 ½ Million
Moseley School Apartments Rehab., Westfield, MA.

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